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About us

Our Principles


Our mission at the Cocaine Treatment and Detox Clinic in Oklahoma is to help struggling cocaine addicts experience a complete and total recovery from the illness of addiction. To us, recovery means that our patients leave our facility and go on to have happy, healthy lives.


Our Goal


Our number one goal is to give our patients the best possible treatment so they can overcome a cocaine addiction. Our treatment plans are based on research which shows that providing a holistic care plan reduces the chance of using again.


Our Philosophy


Believing that a person simply needs more willpower to get over their addiction is an outdated belief. We know today that this is not the case.

We now treat addiction as a chronic illness. Just as we treat a disease like high blood pressure with medication, diet, and physical exercise, we now approach addiction with a multi-faceted, lifetime approach. We know that addiction is an illness that is never completely cured.

We also know that addiction affects more than the addict. We recognize the influence that family, community, and environment can have on an addict’s road to recovery. When we all work together, we can increase the chance of achieving a full recovery.


What We Offer


At the Cocaine Treatment and Detox Clinic in Oklahoma, we know that detox and recovery are not easy. And we know that extenuating circumstances can complicate it. In addition to having onsite doctors that meet with patients regularly, we offer a variety of services to help addicts during and after treatment.

Each treatment plan takes into consideration the medical and psychological issues each patient has. At the time of admission and throughout the program, we evaluate each patient’s needs. We offer many types of therapy including family therapy as well as financial counseling and legal help. We strive to address every area that causes our patients stress.