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Question: Can I come to the Cocaine Treatment and Detox Clinic to be treated for another addiction?


Answer: Thank you for your question. The answer is, unfortunately, no, we only treat cocaine addictions. Our resources have gone to training out staff specifically to handle cocaine detox and addiction. That being said, we realize that cocaine addiction is not always the only addiction someone has. If you have other addictions including cocaine, our program can be customized for your needs. Please contact us with your specific concerns and we can refer you to a program that will meet your needs.


Question: How long is the program? Can I leave whenever I want if it is not going well?


Answer: That is a great question and let us preface our answer by saying that we hope that everyone who comes seeking treatment will stay for the recommended 90 days. We have found that the longer you stay in our facility, the better your chances of staying drug-free are. We realize that the first week of rehab is difficult, but we are here to help you. We are trained to handle everything you will go through. We do not want anyone to leave before their treatment has firmly taken root.


Question: How much does rehab cost?


Answer: Three months of cocaine detox and treatment costs less than a lifetime of drug abuse. Rather than putting a price tag on our desire to help you live a happier life free from drug addiction, we would rather help you focus on what you stand to gain.


That being said, many insurance providers do cover some of the costs of our program. Email or phone us with the name of your insurance company and we can discuss financial costs at that time.


Question: I have heard a lot of bad things about withdrawal. How bad is it really?


Answer: This answer is not meant to dismiss the challenges of cocaine withdrawal because we realize that detoxing from cocaine is not easy. However, the physical symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are not as uncomfortable as that of other drugs. Most people don’t get physically sick although they do tend to feel exhausted and achy.


The hardest part of cocaine withdrawal is getting through the cravings for more cocaine. If you choose to go through withdrawal and detox in our facility, we can help you handle the worst of your cravings.


The second hardest part of cocaine withdrawal is dealing with the depression that occurs as your brain adjusts to making dopamine on its own again. We use many methods to help you deal with depression. Your doctor will determine which methods will work best for you.


Question: I heard your days are full of programs in rehab. What happens when I go home? How can you guarantee that I won’t go back to using when I am bored?


Answer: You are right, we do keep our patients busy while they are in treatment at our clinic. There is a reason for that. The less chance you have to feel bored or lonely, the less chance you have to think about your cravings for cocaine.


Each of our programs is designed to help educate you and to change your thinking about why you want to use cocaine. We teach you coping mechanisms so that the next time you feel those cravings, you know how to handle them.


We also offer lifestyle and trades classes. So when you leave our clinic, you will be prepared to enter the workforce and find a satisfying job. We do everything we can to help you prepare for life after detox.