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Why is Detox from Cocaine Necessary?

Detox and withdrawal are scary words for an addict. These terms conjure up thoughts of intense pain, sickness, and mental anguish. It does not sound like a happy time and rightfully so. Detox and withdrawal are simply unpleasant.

What’s wrong with cocaine?

First of all, it is important to talk about why an addict would choose to go through days and weeks of discomfort.

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. It affects your brain and body by artificially boosting your dopamine levels. Dopamine is released by the brain whenever we experience pleasure and positive stimulation. In short, it is known as a “feel good” hormone.

When a person has cocaine in their system, it blocks the absorption of dopamine. That means that those good feelings are more intense and stay around longer. We know that cocaine use leads to feelings of euphoria, but it can also cause the person using it to engage in unhealthy and risky behaviors.

After repeated cocaine use, your body builds up a tolerance. So each time you want to experience that “feel good” high, you have to use more and more cocaine. Eventually, your body adapts to the drug, and it can not function properly without it.

This is when withdrawal happens. Withdrawal symptoms can occur as early as 90 minutes after cocaine usage. Symptoms continue for up to seven to ten days and sometimes longer.

Cocaine Detox Essential for Recovery

It does not matter if you have been using cocaine for years or only a couple of times. Detox is necessary to get rid of the drug and move on to a happier, healthier life. A life that is not controlled by a cocaine addiction.

The process of detox begins with the first symptoms of withdrawal. The goal of cocaine detox is to minimize the negative effects of withdrawal. A “good detox” helps the addict reduce the chance of relapse and improves the likelihood of overcoming their addiction.

Without detox, cocaine addiction will continue in its vicious binge and crash cycle forever.

Inpatient or Outpatient

Cocaine detox is challenging. The desire to use again is extremely difficult, especially within the first week of living without it. While some people find that they have the support and mental fortitude to detox as a treatment center outpatient, most users find that the pull of cocaine is too strong on them to be trusted to detox on their own.

A treatment center offers a safe place to detox. You do not have access to cocaine, and you are under the care of medical professionals. Treatment centers have trained staff who can monitor your progress as well as prescribe medications that may help you deal with your most challenging withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Centres also have therapy services and other programs for you to take advantage of. The main symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and depression as your body adjust to making dopamine on its own again. Rather than struggling on your own at home and risking potential health complications from withdrawal, you can find help at the Cocaine Treatment & Detox clinic in Oklahoma.

Cocaine is more than just a physical addiction. It is also a mental addiction. Detox from cocaine can be the first step towards a better life.